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Ducktapehero's Website

Tucker Nikolas Haynes. He was born on March 12th at 10:27 am in Springfield Missouri.

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This is my website hope you enjoy.

My website. Here's some pictures of my Son, Tucker Nikolas Haynes

This is the 1st picture of Tucker. He ain't very happy at this moment.


This is Tucker on the scale. As you can see, he weighed 7lbs 7ozs. 


Tucker holding my finger.  


This is me holding him. I'm the big goofy lookin one.


This is my wife Kim holding Tucker. She looks tired, she also doesn't look too good because just a couple days after this picture was taken we had to take her to the emergency room. She had preeclampsia and that caused her to have congestive heart failure and a bunch of fluid on her lungs. Looking back we should have noticed but it didn't seem obvous then that she was really sick.


This is Grandma Johnson(my Mom) and my sister Nikki. Tucker's middle name is in honor of my sister. When I announced the name she broke out in tears. It was funny. She's such a sap.  


Here is Grandpa Johnson holding him.


Here is Kim, her Dad and her Grandma with Tucker. This is before Kim went to the hospital so she still looks tired.


Here's a good picture of Tucker.


Another one, this time he's in his "Hugh Hefner" bathrobe.